Deal Direct. No Brokers.

LoadExpress was founded in 2015 in San Diego by seasoned executives in the logistics, freight brokerage, navigation, and Internet software industries. Our mission is to solve two major problems in the logistics industry:

1. The truck freight industry is currently dominated by brokers. While they, at least the reputable ones, provide valuable services, they also control the process and have the incentive in making it opaque to protect their business.

2. The current logistics process is a well-known daily “fire drill” that’s inefficient, unproductive, frustrating, and costly for both sides of the shipment that involves talking to multiple parties using phones, faxes, emails, spreadsheets and home-grown “systems” even for the simplest things.

LoadExpress is the solution that solves these two problems. We are confident it is the right solution at the right time. There is wide consensus by all participants in the industry that technology and more efficient business models are the keys to the industry’s future, namely: direct dealings between parties, Internet, productivity/integration tools, data and analytics. LoadExpress brings all these elements into one integrated patent-pending Web service.

Modern Internet and e-commerce technology have proven time and time again that a direct business model is a boon to an industry. It leads to higher revenues, higher profits, higher productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and lower costs for everyone. This has been proven in the travel, real estate, retail, trade industries, and countless others. LoadExpress’ mission is to unlock billions of dollars in profits and lower costs for the logistics industry, starting with the $250 billion commercial truck freight market in the U.S.


Deal Direct. No Brokers.


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