The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


The trucking industry is beset by manual/semi-manual processes that burden it with unnecessary inefficiencies, cost and aggravations to all parties involved.  One of the greatest time consumers is load matching and getting a load covered, which is estimated to be 60% of the total labor cost of a broker.  If this activity can be automated, it will generate benefits and reduce cost for all—shippers, carriers and the broker.

LoadExpress can provide 100% hands-free load matching and coverage that generates great benefits for its users.

Case Study

We have a customer in the Virginia/Maryland area shipping about 10 loads/week to the Midwest.  Here’s how it and the carriers use our Automated Load Matching feature to great effect:

Lane Preference (Find My Load) Setting

The process starts by carriers entering their lane preferences in their profile.

Mobile-Find Load

There are 4 other ways a carrier’s lane preferences can be entered into LoadExpress:

  1. Via API—LoadExpress’ open API can be hooked up with the API of a carrier’s TMS.
  2. Email—LoadExpress can automatically extract relevant lane information from a carrier’s truck availability email templates.
  3. Excel—Same as email.
  4. History—Every load carried for LoadExpress is stored for future matching.

Book It Now! Load Matched and Covered in 1 Step

Once LoadExpress is awarded a load from the customer, it is entered into the system, which generates a Load Found email to all carriers whose preference matches the load.  If a carrier wants the load, all he does is click the Book It Now button.

That’s it.

Match Email

This can be done via the web and the LoadExpress mobile app, so an owner operator can book loads on the go.

Automatic Rate Confirmation

 Once the load is accepted, LoadExpress records it accordingly, notifies the shipper, and automatically generates the rate confirmation.  The dispatcher/ driver signs it, and is on his way to pickup.


LoadExpress is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.  All you need is a web browser to use it.  Signup is easy, and you can be up and running in minutes.  It can be easily integrated with your existing TMS and load tendering systems via APIs.  There are no upfront or maintenance fees.

It is the ideal platform and mobile app for small-medium shippers and carriers to execute their spot market needs.

LoadExpress can be used by shippers and carriers as a web platform to transact their business directly with each other, or as a managed (3PL) service provided by LoadExpress.

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The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


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