The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


The truck freight industry is still beset by manual or semi-manual processes that makes its daily processes inefficient and time consuming for all parties.  There has been significant investment recently by new and existing companies to help automate the industry, which needs to be more efficient and cut costs to counter price and margin pressures.  LoadExpress is one of them.


One significant tool that’s spreading is APIs (Application Programming Interface).  What is an API? It is a set of rules and definitions about a computer program’s data structure, functions and communications used to communicate and interact with another program.  Through these APIs, a product can be built upon these building blocks.

LoadExpress-Your TMS API Integration

Once LoadExpress and your TMS system or visibility platform is connected via APIs, a shipper can enjoy all the benefits of automation via LoadExpress, in two major parts:

  1. Coverage

Shipper builds load in TMS which populates in LoadExpress.  LoadExpress provides a quote and carrier availability through its freight matching capability with its own carrier network.  Shipper can also upload its carrier network on a private basis into LoadExpress to increase probability of coverage. No other shipper sees your carriers.

  1. Execution

LoadExpress is a freight marketplace and execution platform that enables shippers and carriers to easily tender loads, accept bids, execute and manage freight in one seamless workflow. It is the ideal platform for shippers and carriers to execute their FTL/partial load spot market needs.

LE process banner--core

Once a load is in the LoadExpress system, executing it to completion can be done automatically on most loads.  Some key steps/features:

  • Shipping documents (BOL, rate conformation, POD), changes and supporting materials (receipts, pics etc.) and signatures are generated, posted and stored online.
  • 24/7 Load Visibility through industry-best GPS for trucks that’s visible on both the web platform and the mobile app by shipper and carrier.
  • Accessorials and detention amounts are automatically provided for and calculated, with a communication platform for exception handling and dispute resolution.


It’s all about spending less time to produce more in a less aggravated way.  Automation through APIs can accomplish all that.  Loads can be covered faster and more loads are covered.  LoadExpress has some loads that get covered in 2 minutes without any human input.  Documents are generated automatically on the spot, further accelerating the execution.  Check calls are significantly reduced or totally eliminated with real-time GPS tracking.  Exception handling is facilitated with direct communication between shipper and carrier.


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The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


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