The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.

Load visibility  for the past couple of years has been talked about as if it’s a just-discovered feature driven by e-commerce, which is driven by Amazon.  A recent article in CCJ is a typical example.  The implicit argument–a correct one–is that the long-haul trucking industry is lagging behind e-commerce, in which customers often can check the status of their delivery in a web portal ending in an ETA that’s relatively accurate.  In contrast, the trucking industry is scrambling to match this capability to satisfy their shipper customers. through various point solutions that cost extra.

LoadExpress already provides this critical function in its mobile app as part of an industry-leading navigation/routing solution for trucks embedded in it.  And it’s totally FREE to use when a carrier is carrying a load for us.  This feature set costs hundreds of dollars retail.  See this previous post for all the features as well as on our website.

A couple of screenshots to show the main capabilities:

This delivery status gives a step-by-step update on where the shipment is.

Map-navi download button

This is the ETA feature:


The business benefits are obvious and significant, for both shipper and carrier.  Shipper needs to know delivery status and ETA so they can plan their operations, often based on JIT (Just In Time) deliveries.  Carriers benefit the same way for their operations.  They provide enhanced benefits to their customers, as well, which will increase their likelihood of repeat business, higher revenues and being a preferred carrier.  And everyone saves a lot of time and hassles by not having to engage in frustrating check calls infamous in the industry.

With LoadExpress, it’s all included and FREE.  Carriers: don’t wait another day.  You will enjoy immediate payback by using the LoadExpress app.  Download our app (both iOS and Android) from our website, or here directly:





2 thoughts on “Load Visibility: Critical Feature, and We Have It in Our Mobile App for Free.

  1. Ernie Smiglesby says:

    A friend from the truck stop sent this link to me so I was finishing eating a beef sandwich and decided to download the app on my mobile iphone and it cannot be found on the app store. I told another trucker friend who I was eating lunch with he ordered a pizza puff and cheese fries and he went to app store and he found it. How do I find it? Also if you have good loads then this app is very nice.


    1. LoadExpress says:

      Ernie: Thanks for the comment, and your friend for referring us. Best for you is download from and sign up with us.


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The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


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