The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.

With this release, owner-operators and fleets can book loads, get paid immediately, and manage their business without brokers and factors.  They can basically make use of the full functionality of the LoadExpress platform on their phones and iPads.

They can also provide the most accurate load tracking status to shippers and dispatchers compared to other load matching apps.  That’s because LoadExpress is the only digital load matching system that uses truck maps and databases.  All other products in the market use the free Google Maps and its features, which are for cars and small commercial vehicles, and probably good enough for truckers 70% of the time.  The other 30% may cost them high fines, higher cost and delays.  Hitting a low overpass or needing to be rerouted 100+ miles because of one is an expensive–and sometimes dangerous– mistake.  Experienced truckers know the difference.

Transit Status--6-30-17

LoadExpress’ truck maps deliver critical roadside information truckers need, including: speed limit, bridge weight/height, curve ahead warnings and points of interest such as diesel stations and truck stops.  Once a carrier is delivering a load on LoadExpress, truck navigation/routing with turn-by-turn will be automatically turned on.  These features are similar to those on leading truck navigation devices such as those from Rand McNally, the market leader in those devices.  They retail between $300-600.  It is a totally free download on LoadExpress, and only available on the LoadExpress mobile app.

Because of the size of the map/database (3.5 GB), one needs to do a second download from the app to get it.  Total space required for the full capability is 4 GB.  The map/navi download button is at the top.

Map/Navi Download Button

Map-navi download button

Download instructions: Both apps can be downloaded from LoadExpress: or

Android: Google Play Store

iOS: Apple App Store

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The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


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