The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.

We had a very successful launch two weeks ago at MATS in Louisville, the largest truck show in America.  Traffic was steady and at times heavy throughout the 3 days.  We received enthusiastic endorsements from hundreds of truckers.  This was a typical reaction.  Can’t get any better:

We achieved two important goals:

  1. Confirmation that our product, business model and value proposition is right on the money, and unique.  We indeed are offering a new way to move freight:
    • We are not just another glorified load board or partial app, but a web platform that a small-medium carrier/owner operator and shipper can run their truck freight operations on.
    • A pure auction model between carrier and shipper.  We don’t broker pricing or give you a quick quote based on some database. Buyer and seller deal directly, based on the supply/demand conditions of that day.
    • It’s absolutely FREE to join and use for carriers.  Shippers pay one transaction fee on a completed shipment on our marketplace.  That’s it.  No hidden charges, no small-print conditions, no nickle and diming. Many truckers could not believe it (“No fees to join?”) since they’ve been so used to the current way of doing business and load boards that charge a monthly subscription fee.
    • Since this is a trucking show, we focused on benefits to truckers, which are many.  Using LoadExpress, carriers/owner operators set their own rates–what they bid is what they get.  They can make more money by taking as many customers and loads as they want to, reducing empty miles and getting backhaul loads.  They get paid immediately once they deliver the goods and submitted a clean POD approved by the shipper.  Above all, they can take back the control of their business again. (Details in a later post.)
  2. Above all, we hit upon a nerve among the trucker community and got a visceral reaction to our offering and what it means to them.  It’s clear that there is a love/hate relationship between the typical owner operator/carrier and his brokers. We heard from many their war/horror stories about dealing with brokers.  They can be summarized as “while you feed me, I hate the many things you do to me.” (Hey, there ought to be a country western song about this! Should be a hit among truckers, and send me my royalty check when you write the song.)

We signed up a lot of truckers, and gave away 10 Omaha Steaks packages for those who signed up.  These guys love their steaks! Dave Nemo of the Dave Nemo Show on SiriusXM satellite radio paid us a visit too. A good time was had by all!

steak winner

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The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


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