The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


The trucking industry is beset by manual/semi-manual processes that burden it with unnecessary inefficiencies, cost and aggravations to all parties involved.  One of the greatest time consumers is load matching and getting a load covered, which is estimated to be 60% of the total labor cost of a broker.  If this activity can be automated, it will generate benefits and reduce cost for all—shippers, carriers and the broker.

LoadExpress can provide 100% hands-free load matching and coverage that generates great benefits for its users.

Case Study

We have a customer in the Virginia/Maryland area shipping about 10 loads/week to the Midwest.  Here’s how it and the carriers use our Automated Load Matching feature to great effect:

Lane Preference (Find My Load) Setting

The process starts by carriers entering their lane preferences in their profile.

Mobile-Find Load

There are 4 other ways a carrier’s lane preferences can be entered into LoadExpress:

  1. Via API—LoadExpress’ open API can be hooked up with the API of a carrier’s TMS.
  2. Email—LoadExpress can automatically extract relevant lane information from a carrier’s truck availability email templates.
  3. Excel—Same as email.
  4. History—Every load carried for LoadExpress is stored for future matching.

Book It Now! Load Matched and Covered in 1 Step

Once LoadExpress is awarded a load from the customer, it is entered into the system, which generates a Load Found email to all carriers whose preference matches the load.  If a carrier wants the load, all he does is click the Book It Now button.

That’s it.

Match Email

This can be done via the web and the LoadExpress mobile app, so an owner operator can book loads on the go.

Automatic Rate Confirmation

 Once the load is accepted, LoadExpress records it accordingly, notifies the shipper, and automatically generates the rate confirmation.  The dispatcher/ driver signs it, and is on his way to pickup.


LoadExpress is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.  All you need is a web browser to use it.  Signup is easy, and you can be up and running in minutes.  It can be easily integrated with your existing TMS and load tendering systems via APIs.  There are no upfront or maintenance fees.

It is the ideal platform and mobile app for small-medium shippers and carriers to execute their spot market needs.

LoadExpress can be used by shippers and carriers as a web platform to transact their business directly with each other, or as a managed (3PL) service provided by LoadExpress.

Due to demand from customers, LoadExpress has launched a LTL service today.  It now offers a full suite of Full Truckload, Partial Shipment and LTL services nationwide.  All loads are managed by its Automated Brokerage™ service, which is powered by the LoadExpress Execution Platform (LEP).  LEP is not only the most fully featured and flexible freight matching and execution platform, as evidenced by its ability to handle all 3 types of freight.  It also has the most intuitive and user-friendly workflow for executing a load, from tendering to payment and exceptions handling.  LEP makes freight transactions more efficient and transparent, reducing cost and increasing productivity and customer satisfaction for everyone.

Send inquiries to, or call 619-916-3123 x 1711/12.

LoadExpress released a feature that enables drivers/dispatchers to update their load status and provide load visibility to shippers without needing to log-in to their LoadExpress mobile app.  Users just click on a link sent to their phone that takes them automatically to their load status page. This makes it even easier for carriers, especially drivers, to update their load status and provide the key benefit of load tracking/visibility to shippers.

This patent-pending feature begins when a link is sent to the phone of the driver/dispatcher who’s assigned a load on the LoadExpress platform.  By clicking on the link, the driver or dispatcher is automatically taken to the load status page so he can update the status and move the delivery process along.  The driver’s GPS coordinates are also reported.  The shipper is also sent a similar link so he sees the load status and truck location on his LoadExpress mobile app.  The link is unique for a specific load and receiver and expires when delivery is complete.

Screenshot_Tracking status 2018-06-05

This new capability solves one of the biggest complaints in freight logistics: check calls.  The aggravations and inefficiencies–and therefore the unnecessary cost–of check calls are well known.  It just doesn’t make sense to continue this practice when mobile devices and GPS are widely used that a carrier doesn’t update their load status via a mobile app vs. having to be called by his dispatcher or broker to relay the status to the customer.  if he can’t be reached, then wait and try again.  And again.  Meanwhile, the customer is getting more anxious, irritated and waiting on tenterhooks…All this can be solved with one click, literally.

This feature makes tracking a load as easy as possible for everyone involved, especially the driver.  If someone does not have the LoadExpress mobile app already, the link will take him to the appropriate app store (Apple or Google) to download the app and then taken to the load status page. The LoadExpress mobile app is a fully-featured freight execution app on which a carrier, and its dispatchers and drivers, can conduct their business.

This is another example of how LoadExpress continues to innovate to solve customer problems, improve and simplify the user experience and stay ahead of the competition. These improvements are absolutely needed for all parties—shippers, 3PLs and carriers—to compete and thrive in the future as the strong pressure to cut cost, increase productivity and customer satisfaction accelerates in this intensely competitive industry.

To download LoadExpress mobile app:

Google Play:

iTunes Store:


Detention is a major gripe among truckers because it costs them money, lots of it.  Truck drivers lose an estimated $1,281 to $1,534 per year because of wait times at loading docks, costing the industry an estimated $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion in income annually, according to a Department of Transportation office of inspector general audit.  Of the 645 carriers surveyed by DAT, 211 truckers, or 32.7 percent, said their carrier’s loads involve detention of more than two hours.

Many drivers complain legitimately that shippers don’t pay detention, primarily because: 1) Until last year, when the supply/demand equation favors shippers, shippers have the upper hand, and 2) the method to determine when detention starts is pretty haphazard, pretty much a “he said, he said” situation.  Some surveys show up to 75% of detention claims were denied in the past.  With the arrival of ELD, the problem of efficient scheduling/loading is even more critical, as “electronic logs do not allow truckers the flexibility to “adjust” their paper logs manually when they are hung up at docks to allow for more driving time.”  Source.

With ELD and tight capacity favoring carriers, carriers have less patience for “sluggish shippers.”  But it’s new technology that will help carriers prevent detention, and if that fails, determine when it begins and help carriers get paid that’s a valuable tool.  LoadExpress has a suite of detention features that does exactly that.  (I chuckle to see a highly funded competitor just announced yesterday that they now have a detention feature 3 years after founding.)

The LoadExpress detention features consist of the following:

    1. The GPS in the mobile app provides real-time load visibility.
    2. We set a geo fence of 5 miles from a pickup/delivery site that allows a driver to enter “at shipper” or “at consignee” on the app.  This prevents any abuse such as when a driver is 40 miles out and claiming he has arrived.
    3. 30 minutes prior to detention being incurred, 2 hours after arrival, an alert is sent to both parties so hopefully they can complete the load in time to prevent detention.
    4. Once detention has incurred, the fee is automatically calculated and presented to shipper, who has the option to accept or deny.  If he accepts, the fee is automatically added to the linehaul rate and paid to carrier through our payment system.  If he denies, our platform provides a dispute resolution channel to settle the claim.  Once the parties agree, we process the payment to carriers.

In short, LoadExpress has a platform that, in this feature, as well as others, provide a fair and efficient marketplace for both shippers and carriers to conduct their business.


Load visibility  for the past couple of years has been talked about as if it’s a just-discovered feature driven by e-commerce, which is driven by Amazon.  A recent article in CCJ is a typical example.  The implicit argument–a correct one–is that the long-haul trucking industry is lagging behind e-commerce, in which customers often can check the status of their delivery in a web portal ending in an ETA that’s relatively accurate.  In contrast, the trucking industry is scrambling to match this capability to satisfy their shipper customers. through various point solutions that cost extra.

LoadExpress already provides this critical function in its mobile app as part of an industry-leading navigation/routing solution for trucks embedded in it.  And it’s totally FREE to use when a carrier is carrying a load for us.  This feature set costs hundreds of dollars retail.  See this previous post for all the features as well as on our website.

A couple of screenshots to show the main capabilities:

This delivery status gives a step-by-step update on where the shipment is.

Map-navi download button

This is the ETA feature:


The business benefits are obvious and significant, for both shipper and carrier.  Shipper needs to know delivery status and ETA so they can plan their operations, often based on JIT (Just In Time) deliveries.  Carriers benefit the same way for their operations.  They provide enhanced benefits to their customers, as well, which will increase their likelihood of repeat business, higher revenues and being a preferred carrier.  And everyone saves a lot of time and hassles by not having to engage in frustrating check calls infamous in the industry.

With LoadExpress, it’s all included and FREE.  Carriers: don’t wait another day.  You will enjoy immediate payback by using the LoadExpress app.  Download our app (both iOS and Android) from our website, or here directly:





In our continued dedication to innovation we released a series of features that enable drivers/dispatchers to bid for freight, book it, sign the rate confirmation, and update their load status with just 1 Click on their smartphones and pads (both Android and iOS).  This seamless workflow provides a user-friendly and easy way for carriers to manage the full cycle of the freight on their smart devices.  Carriers can increase their load coverage, efficiency and customer satisfaction while lowering cost and hassles of a paper or semi-automated process.  Providing load visibility is the most important requirement demanded by shippers, something that LoadExpress now provides with a 1 Click feature for shippers, as well.


Coupled with the backend functionality of LoadExpress, these 1 Click features makes LoadExpress the most complete and integrated freight matching and execution platform in the industry.  Those backend features include: automated documents generation, accessorial management, exceptions handling, dispute resolution and payments.  Shippers and carriers can use it in two ways: 1) tender, book, execute and manage freight directly with each other, or use LoadExpress Automated Brokerage as a broker using the same platform to efficiently manage loads for customers.

LoadExpress is a web platform that can be up and running in minutes, requires zero upfront cost, user downtime, or expensive maintenance costs.  It cuts freight spend and provide real-time load visibility for shippers; makes more money and cuts cost for carriers and pays them promptly.  It cuts out the aggravations, inefficiencies and costs of a manual process rampant in the industry.

“LoadExpress continues to innovate to solve customer problems, improve and simplify the user experience and stay ahead of the competition,” said Ken Liu, cofounder and V.P. Business Development at LoadExpress. “These improvements are absolutely needed for all parties—shippers, 3PLs and carriers—to compete and thrive in the future as the strong pressure to cut cost, increase productivity and customer satisfaction accelerates in this intensely competitive industry.”

To download LoadExpress mobile app:

Google Play:

iTunes Store:

Check calls is one of the biggest time wasters in logistics, yet everyday drivers, dispatchers, shippers and brokers do it day in and day out, complaining every step of the way.  It’s 2019, and it just doesn’t make sense for anyone to continue wasting all that time and getting all aggravated.  By automatically checking in on LoadExpress, drivers and dispatchers at fleets or owner operators can save gobs of time and eliminate the hassle of chasing down drivers and finding out where they are, and then calling customers.

Just as importantly, shippers will love that since load visibility is the #1 feature they are looking to carriers to provide.  Giving them the real-time visibility without them having to chase the carrier/broker down to get it means enhanced customer satisfaction, which gives carriers who provide that a competitive advantage and more business.  There is every reason to use this feature, and it just doesn’t make sense not to.

Screenshot_Tracking status 2018-06-05

It’s easier, faster, saves everyone else the time and hassle as well, and makes your customer happier.  This feature can be used on either the web and/or mobile app (iOS and Android).  On the mobile app, it guides the driver step by step through the delivery process until delivery is complete and a POD is generated.  All he has to do is click on each step as it’s completed and move on to the next one.  All actions will be immediately visible to those involved in the load, including the customer.  And no more everyone calling everyone else asking the same question “where is the driver/truck/my load?”.

Download the app here:





In its continuing path of innovation and new features, LoadExpress releases a new feature in its mobile app that enables fleet dispatchers and admins to assign loads won to their drivers.  This further enables all key fleet personnel–dispatchers, admins and drivers–to find, book, track, execute a load  and getting paid totally within the LoadExpress app.  It’s the only app they need to conduct their business, especially for the driver on the road.

To download the mobile app:




The truck freight industry is still beset by manual or semi-manual processes that makes its daily processes inefficient and time consuming for all parties.  There has been significant investment recently by new and existing companies to help automate the industry, which needs to be more efficient and cut costs to counter price and margin pressures.  LoadExpress is one of them.


One significant tool that’s spreading is APIs (Application Programming Interface).  What is an API? It is a set of rules and definitions about a computer program’s data structure, functions and communications used to communicate and interact with another program.  Through these APIs, a product can be built upon these building blocks.

LoadExpress-Your TMS API Integration

Once LoadExpress and your TMS system or visibility platform is connected via APIs, a shipper can enjoy all the benefits of automation via LoadExpress, in two major parts:

  1. Coverage

Shipper builds load in TMS which populates in LoadExpress.  LoadExpress provides a quote and carrier availability through its freight matching capability with its own carrier network.  Shipper can also upload its carrier network on a private basis into LoadExpress to increase probability of coverage. No other shipper sees your carriers.

  1. Execution

LoadExpress is a freight marketplace and execution platform that enables shippers and carriers to easily tender loads, accept bids, execute and manage freight in one seamless workflow. It is the ideal platform for shippers and carriers to execute their FTL/partial load spot market needs.

LE process banner--core

Once a load is in the LoadExpress system, executing it to completion can be done automatically on most loads.  Some key steps/features:

  • Shipping documents (BOL, rate conformation, POD), changes and supporting materials (receipts, pics etc.) and signatures are generated, posted and stored online.
  • 24/7 Load Visibility through industry-best GPS for trucks that’s visible on both the web platform and the mobile app by shipper and carrier.
  • Accessorials and detention amounts are automatically provided for and calculated, with a communication platform for exception handling and dispute resolution.


It’s all about spending less time to produce more in a less aggravated way.  Automation through APIs can accomplish all that.  Loads can be covered faster and more loads are covered.  LoadExpress has some loads that get covered in 2 minutes without any human input.  Documents are generated automatically on the spot, further accelerating the execution.  Check calls are significantly reduced or totally eliminated with real-time GPS tracking.  Exception handling is facilitated with direct communication between shipper and carrier.


LoadExpress has just expanded its service to Mexico and Canada to support the $1.2 trillion North American free-trade zone between/among the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The new USMCA Treaty (NAFTA 2.0) governs a significant portion of the U.S. economy, comprising 34% of its exports and 26% of imports.  Trucks haul about $720 billion worth of goods between the U.S. and the two other countries.

The new expansion applies to both LoadExpress’ digital brokerage as well as its automated freight execution platform that enables shippers and carriers to move and manage loads directly.  LoadExpress supports FTL and partial truckloads on dry vans, flatbeds and reefers.

Ken Liu, Cofounder and V.P. Business Development, is going to speak at the Digital Freight Management panel at the the 3PL Value Creation North America Summit 2018, October 16-18, 2018 in Chicago.

The 3PL Value Creation North America Summit 2018 is a distinct strategic event where C-level executives, investment community leaders, and technology innovators gather to assess the future of the third-party logistics market and explore strategies for value creation to forge competitive advantage. The event is hosted by Armstrong & Associates, Inc., a leader in 3PL market research and consulting, and will analyze the most important industry trends (such as value-added services, recent mergers and acquisitions, e-commerce, and innovative technologies and automation) in an interactive and fully engaged way.

Logistic Tech Outlook, a leading publication dedicated to covering the global logistics industry, has named LoadExpress to its 2018 Top 10 3PL Technology Solution Providers list. LoadExpress was selected by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and Logistic Tech Outlook’s editorial board, to be among an elite list of 3PL solution providers that are at the forefront of revolutionizing the 3PL space. “We have considered their ability to support the core business processes of different industries and their economic viability of their solutions,” LTO’s editorial board explained the selection process.


“We are proud of the whole team which contributed to the development of our platform over 2+ years,” said Kent Pu, cofounder and CEO. “Our end-to-end platform has the most complete features with the most intuitive and seamless workflow.  It saves both shippers and carriers loads of time to tender, book and execute a load which increases their productivity and decreases their aggravations significantly.  We will continually enhance and extend our system to serve our growing customer base.”

The Integrated Freight Matching and Transportation Execution Platform.


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